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A glimpse of Prague

His name sounds like a melody, his style is unique: Praha, the Czech capital is a city rich in history, culture and beauty. The city with a thousand spires and its red roofs, is the perfect destination for beer lovers, architectural treasures or life like in the Middle Ages.

On the way to the Calanques of Marseille

The Calanques are 20 kilometers of limestone cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean between Marseille and Cassis. They are the harmonious mixture of turquoise water, white rock and green pines. The Calanques have undoubtedly, sublime landscapes that are worth the detour.

A week-end in Lille {France}

ille, what a surprise ! The city, in the North of France, is a real secret germ. Authentic, dynamic and lively, Lille is a particularly charming city….

Moscow and its thousand domes

When I think about Moscow, I just have one word in mind: “Fascinating“. I had the chance to visit Moscow both in summer and in…

Winter colors at the Salagou Lake {France}

Winter is a cold, white season. At least, that’s what I was imaging when January arrived. But a small weekend in the south of France just made me realize that winter can be very colorful and that there is so many things to do outside.

A winter in Moscow

The holiday season is a good reason to discover new places or to go back to these places we love so much and see them…

Christmas Time is in the Air {Brussels}

      Winter Wonders In Brussels The Grand Place with the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Market all around the streets of the city … Grand…


Escapade to Salerno {Amalfi Coast}

There are many beautiful and dream destinations in Italy. The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of them. Let’s be honnest, the view is incredible and these little colorful houses s


Agra, the Indian jewel

Few months ago, I had no idea what Agra was. ‘It’s an Indian city’. Ok. ‘And one of the most visited cities in India’. Oh wait, what?. Yes, Agra has one of the seven wonders of the world, the beautiful Taj Mahal

Hampi: India’s Surprise and Delight

Located in the state of Karnataka, in the South of India, Hampi is a true wonder. The village is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, with an entire Group of Monuments: temples, ruins, history, stunning landscapes, monkeys, good people, good food; Yes, Hampi is really a special place…


Secrets behind the Taj Mahal

Considered as one of the best example of a Mughal architecture and as a symbol of India’s rich history, the Taj Mahal, in India, is a…


Portraits of India

One day, while I was walking in the streets of Puna taking random pictures of the city, a little girl looked at me and asked me…

A beginners guide to Bali

A beginners guide to Bali

Of all the 17 000+ Indonesian islands, Bali is by far the most known and visited. The little Hindu island has skyrocketed in popularity over…

Discovering Mallorca

Discovering Mallorca

In the Mediterranean sea stands a Spanish Balearic island called Mallorca, or Majorca. A sunny spot for sunbathing at the beach but also a perfect…

Goa: A piece of paradise in India

On the West coast of India stands an unexpected place. A destination that will make you fall in love with the people, the life-style and everything around. This is Goa !

A day in Mumbai, or Bombay

Mumbai, still called Bombay by locals, is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. It’s also India’s financial capital and home to the Bollywood industry (the Hindi film and television business).

New Delhi Experience

New Delhi Experience

New Delhi is a striking modern metropolis, a “Top destination on the rise”. Laid out by British architect Edwin Lutyens, the Indian capital is rich with history and culture.

India: my first impressions

Everyone tells you that it will be a shock in many ways. It’s true. When you arrive in India, everything is different and either you will love it or hate it, India won’t leave you indifferent. Here are my first thoughts and first impressions arriving in India..